The Reubin O'D. Askew Institute seeks to assist Florida’s citizens in examining the critical issues facing our state and in assessing ways to address these issues. The programs of the Institute are designed to deepen and broaden the thinking of participants and policy leaders and to aid them in making decisions that will enhance the future of our state. 

Within this general framework, the Askew Institute has three goals: 1) to gather thoughtful men and women around a table to converse with one another about the critical issues of the day; 2) to explore the past for insights into the future; and 3) to assist leaders of the state in meeting the needs of its citizens. It is the aim of the Institute to address important issues in a politically non-partisan environment and against the backdrop of history. As an independent organization without political affiliation, the Institute seeks to enhance the quality of leadership in the state and to provide an opportunity for Floridians from all walks of life to think about the future needs of Florida.